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Text Messaging Campaigns for Retail Stores

Retail operators rely on a loyal clientele, one that provides steady, recurring business.  Building loyalty is dependent on a variety of factors; location, hours of operation, advertising, quality product and services, and competitive pricing.

ZingIt Mobile is an ideal complement to a retailer’s marketing activities, providing a direct and immediate channel to a business’ patrons.

When businesses have a mobile program in place, they are, in fact, inviting their clientele to establish a one-on-one relationship with them, with the expectation that, upon joining the program, they will receive exclusive incentives that drive them to continue, and INCREASE their patronage.

What is the benefit of using Text SMS for Retail Stores?

SMS marketing programs are designed to increase the purchase frequency of a business’ existing customers, typically offering coupons or other promotional specials to prompt purchases.  It should not be forgotten, however, that loyalty is not only based on the offer of lower price.  A business should also use its mobile program to send other information of value to its program subscribers.  For example, an automotive service company could send out winterizing tips; a business could conduct a satisfaction survey through SMS; product recalls can be sent out with SMS.  Put yourself in the place of your consumers and ask yourself what you would want from your business.

Whatever the nature of the business, remember that the people that subscribed to your mobile program have given you something of value; their cell phone number.  Don’t abuse that communications channel.  Provide value in return, and you’ll see the results.

For a retailer to start a mobile marketing program, the steps are easy:

  • Develop a promotional plan (what you’ll be offering, how often)
  • Advertise the program through in-store signage, website, bag-stuffers...etc.
  • Send out promotions
  • Measure the results
  • Make adjustments

ZingIt Mobile will help and advise you at every step of the way to ensure that your program provides the optimum results for your business.


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