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Innovative Mobile Solutions

Text Messaging For All Campaigns


Text Alerts & Notifications 

Send targeted text message communications to optin contacts using the zMessenger text messaging software platform.

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Text Voting & Polling

Provide instant gratification to participants of a text vote/poll by displaying the results in real time using our advanced text to screen capabilities.

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Mobile Coupons

Integrate mobile coupons into mobile marketing campaign and provide great incentives which generally yield much higher response rates.

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Mobile Surveys

Zingit Mobile’s advanced mobile survey software allows companies to quickly deploy dynamic mobile surveys and data collection systems...

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Mobile Trivia

Mobile trivia campaigns provide an immediate interactive component that users feel compelled to participate with

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Text to Win

The zMessenger text messaging software platform can be leveraged to create highly effective text to win campaigns that generate high response rates...

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Appointment Reminders

Help your customer service representatives communicate easily and effectively with your patients, customers, or guests using the zTRS appointment reminder system...

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Real-Time Text to Screen

Text to screen can be part of a live event, embedded on a website for ongoing data collection, or incorporated into LIVE broadcast television.

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Mobile Content Delivery

zMessenger’s content delivery platform provides an easy to use system for any content distributor interested in delivering wallpapers, ringtones, and mobile video.

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HTML & Flash Web Widgets

Use HTML and Flash widgets to integrate your

mobile marketing campaigns with websites and email marketing for increased results and to generate opt-in contacts via the web.

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mCommerce/Mobile Payment

ZingIT Mobile's zPayText, Pay by Phone mCommerce solution enables secure and easy ordering and/or purchasing from your mobile phone.

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Premium SMS

Premium SMS gives clients the ability to earn money on text messages and content for which consumers will pay to send or receive.

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Emergency Notification

The zMessenger system allows emergency response teams to create, send and deliver time-sensitive alerts to community members from a computer or mobile device.

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Text to Chat

Anonymous text chatting is here! Text-to-Chat is the perfect compliment for any social networking event, website or online community.

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Comprehensive APIs

Mobile marketing messages can be sent quickly and easily when using the ZingIT Mobile, Inc. platform by integrating directly with our custom APIs.

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Automated Data Feeding

ZingIT Mobile can integrate with any 3rd party data provider to automate processing of data feeds for mobile campaigns or mobile WAP pages. 

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WAP Page Design

ZingIT Mobile’s experienced development team works with clients to design, develop, and launch static and dynamic mobile WAP sites...

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Mobile Application Dev.

ZingIT Mobile is your dedicated mobile partner and can assist with the rapid development of any mobile application or custom text messaging software . 

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