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How It Works


button1 Create A Promotional Subscription Program

You create a promotional subscription program for your customers, such as “Mobile Savings Club”, that offers savings UNAVAILABLE to the general consumer.


button2 YellowDude_07Recruit Subscribers

Several methods can be used for opting in:

  • In-store signage, explaining the program and directing the consumer to text a keyword to a cell phone short code, or to a website.   The customer opt in happens immediately with the short code method.
  • One can place the call-to-action on bags/packaging, register receipts, bag stuffers...etc., basically any medium that a customer takes away from your store.
  • A mobile program can also be advertised on billboards and radio/TV advertising.
  • If the business has a website, an opt-in form can be inserted, where one can also request demographic data that can subsequently be used for targeting promotions.
  • Whatever method you utilize to advertise your mobile program, you should provide an incentive for consumers to text in.  That incentive will depend on the nature of your business.  For example, a restaurant might offer its patrons 5% off that day’s bill for signing up.



button3 Create Promotional SMS Campaigns

Campaigns can be created to satisfy specific business objectives, such as filling in low traffic times, clearing overstock items, featuring new product…etc.




Select A Subscriber Base For Your Campaign

Select from your subscriber base the population that best suits your campaign.  For example, a shoe retailer may choose to send a promotion for a specific brand of athletic  shoe to only males between certain ages. Remember that, if you use a website for your opt in, subscriber demographics can be captured.

button5 YellowDude_01Create Your SMS Message For Your Campaign

Create the message that you want to broadcast to the target market identified in Step 4.  It is recommended that some sort of Promotion Code be included in order to track results.


button6 YellowDude_02Set Your Campaign To Broadcast

Stage the campaign for broadcast.  You can specify the day and time of day that you want your message sent.  When that time arrives, your promotion will be sent to the cell phones of your targeted subscribers as a text message.


That’s it!

With our zMessenger Software, you can self-manage every aspect of your mobile program. Like any marketing, your SMS program should be planned and executed in a manner to best ensure that the return on your investment is optimized. Our experts are available to guide you through each phase of your program, drawing upon their experience with other clients’ programs.

Alternatively, you can have us do all the work, acting on your directions for creating and executing your campaigns. Send us the text for your messages, tell us the demographics you wish to reach, when you want the promotions to go out, and we’ll do the rest.

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