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ZingIt Mobile sends out over ONE MILLIONONE MILLION texts per week.


Our mission is to help your business start valuable conversations through text message, no matter what industry you're in. You can be texting like a pro in no time!


Still trying to reach your patients with emails and phone calls? Well that's almost as effective as sending smoke signals. Step up your game with a texting package to transcend your patient communications and ultimately become 4X more effective using the Zingit Solutions Patient Communication Platform. CLICK HERE for more information.


No more fear of missing out for your clients! Keep them engaged and coming back for more with text message marketing and loyalty programs. Perfect for small businesses, retailers, and multi-site locations in any industry looking to grow a loyal group of followers or pump up marketing campaigns through mobile technology.


Need a custom-made platform for your business? Texting like a pro is easy with a Zingit Custom Package - great for big box stores, enterprises, or companies looking to give a one-of-a-kind texting experience for your clients.

Real Conversations. Better Technology.

Not all communication systems are created equal. Anyone can say they create "real conversations," but is a one-sided conversation really...Real? Zingit's best in class technology enables two-way text communication which gives you the power to talk to your clients without ever having to pick up the phone.

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Zingit Mobile's software suite is comprised of several products, each providing a unique set of tools allowing you to adapt to the communication needs of your clients. Ultimately, it is a platform where you can have 2 way conversations, automate scheduled items, recall dormant clients, birthday club cards, client loyalty program, mobile webpages, and so much more - ALL WITH TEXT!

We've been using Zingit for years, and I have to say my favorite feature is the reviews. You simply send a text asking for a 5 star review, and it allows your client to pick their favorite app like Google, Facebook, or Yelp. You have to try it!

Dr. Paul Reed

Founder of Chirofest and Owner of Bridge Chiropractic

I love Zingit. WHY? Because I absolutely know nothing about Zingit. It's so easy my team just runs it. What's nice is that they're able to be off the phone so they can actually be present with people in our office.

TJ Osborne

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